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MG MOBILE SERVICE provides off-site check-ups and maintenance services such as oil changes every 10,000 km. and includes basic spare parts such as batteries, wiper blades, various light bulbs.

MORE THAN 120 MG MOBILE SERVICE are available across Thailand exclusively to MG customers.

MG MOBILE SERVICE is available to all MG owners, both within and without the warranty period.

  1. Register for an appointment via MG CALL CENTRE (toll free 1267) or at MG SERVICE CENTRE with mobile service.
  2. Customers please share information relevant to the appointment such as the car model, current mileage, license plate number and VIN number.
  3. An SMS will be sent to notify confirmation of the appointment one day before the scheduled appointment.
  1. The customer must have organized an area suitable for servicing their vehicle.
  2. This service does not include the 80,000 km and 160,000 km service checks due to the limitations of the equipment carried by the Mobile Service vehicles.
  3. The service is free of charge within the province. For out-of-province areas where there are no Mobile Service stations, service fees will start from 500 Baht.


We committed to revolutionizing aftersales services, ensuring faster and more efficient repair for your vehicle. Experiencing the maintenance and repair that transcends expectations, elevating your automobile's care to the next level.

Under the esteemed MG PASSION SERVICE standard, we guarantee an exceptional service check for your vehicle. Entrust your car to our service centres with confidence, assured of quality that adheres to MG's high standards, coupled with swifter and more proficient services. Your trust, our promise – a commitment to excellence in every aspect of vehicle care.

01 Fast Service: Deliver a car timely in the same day

MG redefines service by offering a blend of speed and quality in our vehicle check-up process. We have set the specific durations for our check-ups with options of 60, 90, and 120 minutes (excluding MG EXTENDER, MG V80, and MG MAXUS 9), ensuring timely and efficient service for those on the go.

Remark: Customers are required to book an appointment in advance and deliver their vehicle at least 15 minutes before the appointed time. This service duration excludes the time taken for car washing.

Terms and Conditions

Advance Appointment (Minimum 15 Minutes)

Customers are required to book an appointment in advance and deliver their vehicle at least 15 minutes before the appointed time.

Completion within Designated Time in each particular interval

The check must be completed within the designated time for each interval: 60, 90, and 120 minutes (except for MG EXTENDER, MG V80, and MG MAXUS 9). This service excludes the time taken for car washing.

Counted from the Time of Repair Order Confirmation

The duration is calculated from the time of repair order is confirmed and does not include car washing.

Includes Only the Duration of the Preventive Maintenance Service Checking

The time is counted for the duration of the preventive maintenance service check only, excluding the additional repairing work.

Preventive Maintenance Service Check Details


10,000 – 30,000 km.

60 minute

*This service includes battery replacement and windshield wiper changes.

Applies to all models except MG Extender, MG V80, and MG MAXUS 9.



60 minute

50,000 kilometre

70,000 kilometre

90,000 kilometre

110,000 kilometre

*This service includes battery replacement and windshield wiper changes.

Applies to all models except MG Extender, MG V80, and MG MAXUS 9.



90 – 120 minute

40,000 kilometre

60,000 kilometre

80,000 kilometre

100,000 kilometre

120,000 kilometre

*This service includes battery replacement and windshield wiper changes.

Dependent on the specific service check conditions of each model.

*This service includes battery replacement and windshield wiper changes.

02 Body and Paint Repair Service Completed Within 24 Hours

MG is aware of your urgent need for a fully functional vehicle. We offer a streamlined approach to body and paint repairs, specifically for vehicles with minor scratches or dents that do not require special paint. Prior insurance approval is required before we can commence service. We guaranteed the quality of our paint and bodywork repairs under MG's stringent standards for a full year.

Remark: Customers must book an appointment at least one day in advance. Terms and conditions apply to this service.

Procedure and Terms for Service Access

Advance Appointment (Minimum 1 Day)​

Customers are required to book an appointment one day in advance.

Prior Insurance Approval Required

If the customer has vehicle insurance, approval must be granted from the insurance company before service commences.

Service Duration

The service duration is counted from the time of the repair order is issued until the repair is completed.

MG Seal of Excellence

The service is exclusively offered at MG-certified body and paint repair service centres.

Terms for Paint and Body Repair Service:

  • The damage must be limited to no more than 2 instances
    of scratches or minor dents.
  • No replacement of parts is included in the service.
  • The service does not apply to special paint finishes,
    such as pearl painting.
  • The repair work is guaranteed for a period of 1 year.

WARRANTY 4 YEARS / 120,000 KM.

Better services mean more confidence. Enjoy long-term warranty

Warranty period

Warranty period

Warranty period is first 4 years or first 120,000 km. whichever comes first. Warranty period starts from the first day of car delivery to customer.

Genuine spare parts warranty

Genuine spare parts warranty

Authentic spare parts warranty from MG distributor in the first year or first 20,000 km. whichever comes first, starting from the date specified on the receipt.

Battery warranty

Battery warranty

Battery warranty in the first year or first 20,000 km. whichever comes first.

Tyre warranty

Tyre warranty

Tyre warranty in the first two years or first 50,000 km. whichever comes first. Conditions are specified by tyre maker. Replacement is based on tire tread depth compared to standard.

Warranty Conditions

  1. The maintenance or repair costs results from vehicle operation, for example cost for four-wheel alignment, tire replacement, cleaning, polishing and replacement of various lubricants, as well as costs incurred by replacement of various consumables such as filters, wiper blade, fuse, spark plug, lamp bulb, brake disc, clutch disc, belt, carbon brush, engine suspension etc.
  2. The vehicle has never been inspected by the designated after sales service center or authorized agency within the warranty period specified by MG or not inspected based on the specified time limit.
  3. The vehicle is modified beyond the normal usage requirements for example, auto racing, overloading etc.
  4. Vehicles serves as taxis or for rental or commercial use are not eligible for warranty.
  5. Removal of parts.
  6. The incorrect usage mentioned in the User Manual
  7. Mounted or repaired by a repairer other than those authorized by MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  8. Losses caused by use of non-genuine accessories, fuel or other fluid products without the recommendation of MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  9. After the inspection, there is no damage in the windshield, rear window and all door windows due to negligence of the factory.
  10. Losses caused by smoke, medicine, bird dropping, salt and alkali, and stone chips.
  11. Paint loss (dimming, color shedding or fading) or rust caused by improper maintenance, incorrect usage or polishing, and vehicle parking at an incorrect site.
  12. Towing fee, accommodation fee, charge for loss of working time, and other business losses and so on.
  13. Losses caused by various disasters for example earthquake, fire, flood, traffic accident, robbery etc.

Rest assured in
case of trouble,
Anywhere, Anytime.


Roadside Assistance

Free technical consultation 24 hours by trained MG mechanics.

In case fuel is used up, fuel refill is offered once a year, no more than 5 litres per time, to enable the car to be driven to the nearest gas station. Exceeding the once-a-year quota, assistance is free but the customer is responsible for the fuel charges.

Free unlimited roadside assistance, offering initial help to enable driving, such as:

  • In case the battery is dead, the service centre will dispatch a mechanic to jump start battery. In case the battery needs to be changed, the customer pays for the new battery.
  • In case of flat tyre, the service centre will dispatch a mechanic to change into a spare tyre to enable further driving. In case there is no spare tyre, our mechanic will get the tyre fixed and re-install it to enable driving. The customer is responsible for the charges occurred.

In case of accidentally being locked outside the car, the service centre will send a staff member to find a spare key in a 20 km. radius. In case a spare key is located outside the radius, the charge is 25 baht per km. If a key specialist is required, the customer is responsible for the fees.

Free towing service to the nearest official MG service centre with no distance limit.

  • In Bangkok: If you need to tow the car to an official MG service centre that is not the nearest one, the service is free within a radius of 20 kilometres. For distances exceeding the specified radius, a fee of 25 baht per kilometre will be charged.
  • In other provinces: Free towing service to any official MG service centre within the first 100 kilometres. If you need to tow the car for more than 100 kilometers, a fee of 25 baht per kilometer will be charged, with the customer responsible for the additional costs.‌


Customer Relation / Information Centre

MG Customer
Customer Relation / Information Centre

Call 1267

Product details, Car prices, Accessories, Promotions, Marketing activities and after-sale services, Address, Contact MG showrooms and service centres.

To facilitate customers to reach MG’s offices for fast and efficient services. Our Customer Relation Centre allows our customers to ask any question or give comments for us to improve our products and services.


Another level of service with courtesy car during
maintenance period

  • For cars under warranty period (4 years or 120,000 km).
  • Courtesy car are available to customers whose vehicle has been serviced for longer than 4 days.
  • Courtesy car during maintenance period is offered at every official MG SERVICE CENTRE.
  • The service does not apply to cars damaged in an accident.
  • The service does not apply to cars under body and paint works.