Born with British blood, MG cars are equipped with high performance and distinctive design at a reasonable price. Decades of our dedication for automotive excellence culminated in MG’s identity BRIT DYNAMIC, a combination of cutting-edge performance, elegant design, unrivaled control system, and full-fledged security. Experience MG6 by yourself now, at any official MG dealer. You may also register for a test drive here: www.mgcars.com/en/TestDrive

MG (Morris Garages) is the brand of a British car manufacturer with its history spanning more than 90 years. Located in Birmingham, MG headquarters is a site for the European Engineering Technical Centre, with a team of more than 300 engineers responsible for developing innovative concepts and technology for all MG vehicles. It also houses the Design Center, with a team of experienced designers from Coventry University and University of Hudderfield among others, that is responsible for the interior and exterior design of all MG products across the globe.

Currently, MG has entered the Thailand automotive market with a collaboration between SAIC Motor, the largest car manufacturer in China and 7th largest in the world, and Charoen Pokphand Group, Thailand’s giant business figure which has spread its wings globally over 14 major businesses.

Please contact:

Human Resource Department

MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
25th Floor, Silom Complex Building
191 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel. 0-2118-6800 ext. HR

You may also submit a resume detailing your profile and interested position to career@mgthai.com. To see more about open positions and leave your resume, please visit this website: www.mgcars.com/en/Career

The MG authorized dealers are in both Bangkok and other provinces. To contact the nearest authorized MG dealers, please visit: www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer

The warranty covers 4 year or 120,000 km. For more details, please visit www.mgcars.com/en/AfterSalesService or contact MG Call Centre at

Tel. 1-800-999-988 (landline)

Tel. 1-401-999-988 (mobile).

MG provides an emergency assistance for all our cars within the range of either 4 years or 120,000 km. Our assistances include:

  • Consultancy service in car technicalities and emergency problems

  • Car towing service, in which case a car will be moved to an official MG service center (under specified conditions)

  • An unlimited number of emergency roadside service, by trained MG staff

  • Fueling service, in case of a car runs out of fuel (under specified consitions)

The assurance covers 4 years (or 120,000 km) for a car and 1 year (20,000 km) for a spare part from an MG service center (under specified conditions).

The price of every MG spare part is a standard price for all market segments of the same level. You may contact MG authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer

Spare parts are available only at MG authorized dealers; no other channels are legitimate. You may contact MG authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer for more details.

In such case, when engine runs to appropriate RPM it increases acceleration in consequently. Despite heaviness, the car’s weight bears no effect to performance. By the way, you are welcomed to experience MG6 by yourself; please contact our authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer

The MG6 runs on gasohol 91, gasohol 95 and E20.

You may contact the nearest MG authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer for more details.

That depends on the type and the color of the car. You may contact MG authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer for more details.

For the latest promotion, please contact MG authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer

The manufacturing plant in Thailand is at Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate, Chonburi, Thailand.

MG6 brochures are available at MG authorized dealers www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer and can be downloaded from www.mgcars.com/en/RequestBrochure

You are able to directly contact MG Fleet Sales Team at 02-118-6800 or www.mgcars.com/en/FleetRegistration

You are able to walk-in to experience a MG at the authorized MG Dealers at www.mgcars.com/en/Dealer or complete the form to arrange a test drive at www.mgcars.com/en/TestDrive You will be contacted to confirm your test drive schedule as soon as possible.

The price starts at 848,000 THB; the price of each MG6 car can be found here: 
FASTBACK: www.mgcars.com/th/mg-models/mg6/fastback/price
SEDAN: www.mgcars.com/th/mg-models/mg6/sedan/price

The detail can be found here: www.mgcars.com/en/RequestBrochure