The giant of pick-up trucks provides you
with more than just durability.
DOUBLE CAB 4-door variants.

MG EXTENDER is the real deal, a colossus among pick-up trucks. It answers every lifestyle demand and reaches every destination. Under the BRIT DYNAMIC concept, the MG EXTENDER combines PERFORMANCE, HANDLING, DESIGN and SAFETY in one large, powerful, economical and irresistible-looking package.


A modern, spacious cabin transports you to every destination in comfort and style.

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bed liner (over rail) which is not standard equipment.

New! The giant of pick-up trucks provides you with more than just durability.

The fusion of modern, outstanding design and aggressiveness.

Simply put, the MG EXTENDER is beautifully muscular from every angle, with a modern grille that is a signature MG design cue. The automatic LED Projector headlights swivel according to steering wheel adjustments, much as bystanders' heads will swivel as the truck passes by.

A sporty and luxurious cabin design that carries you in comfort.

In the spacious cabin, the console and door panels use special SOFT TOUCH material for added comfort while maintaining a cool British style with the black leather seats. The pair of front seats are electrically adjustable and can recline up to 150 degrees while the rear seats are foldable. The large, 10-inch colour touch screen can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth and the stereo plays MP3 and radio. 2 extra USB ports work in conjunction with the multi-function steering wheel to answer every demand of modern life

Drive in confidence with a full set of safety features.

MG's ADVANCED SYNCHRONISED PROTECTION SYSTEM meets EU safety standards. The truck is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes and the FULL SPACE FRAME strengthens the body and chassis. A 6-point airbag system deploys in the front and sides and curtain to protect the driver and passenger in the event of a collision. The omnidirectional camera and blind-spot warning system increase visibility – and peace of mind -for the driver.

  • Full power ahead with a 2-litre common rail turbo diesel providing 161 horsepower and 375 newton-metres of torque in the 1,500 – 2,400 rev band.
  • No journey is too difficult with the Grand 4WD that also makes driving more exciting and adventurous.


MG's intelligent operating system enables you and the truck to communicate to one another. E2The technology enhances the driving experience by quickly responding to the driver's wishes and simplifies truck maintenance. Commands can be issued via voice control, touchscreen and app. And with the ability to upgrade its functions and AI that learns your behavior, i-SMART is the ideal solution to the modern, always-connected lifestyle.


Be the coolest person on your block with a complete set of genuine MG accessories.

*Accessories differ from model.Please refer to the standard equipment list. *Accessories differ from model
Please refer to the standard equipment list