MG aims to be Top 5 Automakers in Thailand’s Diverse Automotive Industry while maintains Paramount Status in EVs Customer Centric is utilized to fulfill All Desires.

20 Feb 2023

Bangkok – 21st February 2023 - SAIC Motor-CP Co., Ltd., and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.—authorized manufacturer and distributor of MG cars in Thailand—unveiled MG’s brand direction for 2023 with two aspiring goals: taking one of top five spots among automotive brands in Thailand’s growing automotive industry and continuing to exist as Thailand’s leading brand of EVs. In the meantime, MG sets to step up its game with a core strategy of ‘Customer Centric’ to enhance all aspects of services and strategies based on needs, desires, and lifestyles of customers. In terms of products, MG will continue to present advanced products to Thai customers while simultaneously strengthen EV ECOSYSTEM as electric mobility is a trend on its way up. After-sales and marketing approaches for certified used MG cars are also areas in focus to ensure MG’s ambition to be one of top five auto brands in Thailand is an accomplishable objective.

2022 can be concluded as a year full of industrial challenges with a global shortage in automotive and electronics components as well as other internal and external factors. Nonetheless, MG introduced four models with four different engine platforms last year namely MG ZS EV, MG HS, MG VS HEV, and NEW MG4 Electric. 27,293 units were delivered with 3.2 percent of market share at the end of 2022. Among all product categories, BEV is the category with highest market share as MG is currently offer three models which are MG ZS EV, MG EP, and NEW MG4 Electric. With 3,993 units delivered last year, MG has also remained strong as a category leader. Other notable product categories based on 2022 delivery include C-SUV (2,606 units delivered) with MG HS and MG HS PHEV in MG’s current lineup, B-SUV (6,674 units delivered) with MG ZS and MG VS HEV as selectable models for Thai customers, Eco Car & B-segment category (11,458 units delivered) with MG5 and MG3 in category portfolio, and Pick Up Truck with 2,562 units of MG EXTENDER delivered. In terms of export production, 6,684 units were manufactured and shipped in 2022. 82 percent of these units were shipped to Vietnam and 18 percent to Indonesia. As the 10th anniversary of MG in Thailand falls in the year 2023, MG is steering to its 2nd decade with a remarkable goal to be one of top five auto brands in the industry.

Mr. Pongsak Lertruedeewattanavong, Vice President of MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said: “Based on Thailand’s economic outlook, the situation is expected to be better since severity of the COVID-19 pandemic is in declining stage. A rise in GDP by 3.2 percent is also expected to increase as Thailand once again reopened its borders to tourists and investors who can truly stimulate the economy. New and ongoing investment projects by government and private investors should also benefit automotive industry—both in local demands and export. Today, MG would like to announce a brand direction for the year 2023 to strengthen the brand and to sustain growth.”

Drive Brand Growth, Push MG to Top 5 of the Industry

To ensure MG can become one of top five auto brands in Thailand in 2023, MG sets to excite automotive industry with launches of new models as new choices for Thai consumers. At least two new models are confirmed to be launched by H1/2023. On delays in delivery of products especially EVs, MG would like to mitigate the situation in every possible way to make sure customers get their cars delivered in a reasonable timeframe.

Reaffirm Status as Pathfinder and Leader of EVs in Thailand

The growth of BEVs in Thailand has steadily increased since a milestone initiation by MG four years ago. As of today, more than 8,000 consumers are proud owners of EVs with MG badge. For 2023, MG—backed by SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION—is certain in its plan to introduce new, cutting-edge, and internationally recognized EV models with a delivery goal of at least 1,000 units per month. In addition, MG would like to expand its EV ECOSYSTEM to match with market expansion and maximize convenience of customers. This includes completion of new MG Super Charge charging stations at an approximate radius of every 150 km or less. More chargers will also be installed at authorized dealers and service centers of MG across Thailand so at least 200 operational charging stations should be in service by the end of this year.

Prioritize ‘Customer Centric’ to meet Exact Demands and Highest Satisfaction

MG has various official communication channels—offline and online—to update customers with latest information. We are more than happy to hear feedback from customers as their voices are crucial to product developments and service enhancements. By the end of 2023, MG anticipates to establish authorized dealers and service centers in every province Thailand-wide and increase the number of authorized body and paint centers from 67 to 80. Partnership with garages and insurance companies will also be streamlined to ensure a swift process in repair/reimbursement claims for customers covered with auto insurance. On parts delivery, MG would like to ensure the delivery for customers in Bangkok and vicinity area will be within one working day and two working days for customers in other provinces. To complete the cycle and support brand growth, MG would like to ease concerns on resell values and extend its reach to certified used car market with the launch of 5 to 10 new Approved Certified Used Car by MG centers in near future.  

“Upon reaching the first decade of MG in Thailand, MG would like to thank all public and private partners who have supported MG through the years. To further express MG’s thankful words for confidence and brand growth, MG is preparing to bring happiness to Thai customers and to incorporate our ‘Customer Centric’ policy into every department as a master blueprint on perfecting our business here in Thailand,” concluded Mr. Pongsak.

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