MG and PEA reinforcing Public Confidence, stimulating Nationwide Use of EVs

23 Aug 2019

Bangkok – 22 August 2019 – SAIC Motor-CP Co., Ltd. and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and distributor of MG cars in Thailand today announce a cooperative partnership with Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). A newly signed MoU aims to make using EVs becomes easier than ever and it will encourage the transition with a significant ecosystem uplift to accommodate rising number of EVs. With more than 1,000 order placed in less than two months, the recently released NEW MG ZS EV pure electric SUV is recognized as a turning point sparking demands of EVs among Thai customers. 

Mr. Khemmarat Sartpreecha, Deputy Governor – Business Development of PEA, says “The signing of MoU with MG Sales Thailand Co., Ltd. today is grounded on a mutual objective to prepare for installation of chargers for owners of EVs by MG and for authorized distributors of MG. PEA is ready to accommodate rising number of EVs and standards for both home chargers as well as public chargers. Under this MoU, we will also be a driving force boosting confidence of MG customers upon home electricity system inspection, installation, and modification with services like home electricity meter replacement or changes in transformer to meet more energy so they can use EVs with ease. Additionally, PEA will exchange information with MG specifically coordinates of 11 active public chargers of PEA, which will increase to 62 in due course.  Owners of EVs by MG with i-SMART will be able to search and locate public chargers of PEA. In return, MG will provide coordinates of its chargers so we can include them into our PEA VOLTA platform so users of our platform can search for these chargers too.  Last but not least, PEA will organize courses and consultations on basics of electricity system to customers of MG and MG personnel. In conclusion, PEA is certain that this partnership between energy sector and automotive sector should raise both awareness of EVs and stimulate sustainable growth in this emerging segment of vehicles.”

Mr. Pongsak Lertruedeewattanavong, Vice President of MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., says “Back in June, MG unveiled NEW MG ZS EV as MG’s first pure electric vehicle in Thailand with purposes to redefine Thai automotive industry and be a driving force stimulating Thais to consider vehicles with alternative engine platforms according to the Industry 4.0 Policy of Ministry of Industry. It is an outstanding EV in terms of performance, built quality, intelligent features, and eco-friendliness. It creates and delivers an unmatched experience through inclusion of groundbreaking innovations and technologies that turn the idea of using an EV into an easy one. MG now overwhelmingly welcomes more than 1,000 advanced bookings so far.

“EV ecosystem in Thailand should be strengthening in order to simplify the use of EVs among Thais and to expand the use of EVs in Thailand. This MoU with PEA will be a milestone to expand opportunities, build confidence of customers, and ignite a trend of EV usage in Thai society. All these benefits will ultimately and sustainably enlarge EV ecosystem that can foster growth in Thai automotive industry in a long run.”

In principle, this MoU covers three major areas as follow:

  • A partnership to transfer know-hows in electricity infrastructure, installation and modification of electricity infrastructure as well as all equipment related to accommodate the use of home charger for EVs, as well as maintenance of all equipment in 74 provinces expect Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan. Public chargers in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan are under responsible of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) which penned an MoU with MG since June.  
  • A network to connect and exchange knowledge on useful information such as information of 11 public chargers operated by PEA and other partners, which will be expanded to 62 in due course, so users of i-SMART operating system by MG can search and locate them for their convenience.
  • A resource pool to encourage and offer training courses about electricity infrastructure as well as equipment and infrastructure of EVs to MG personnel at authorized distributors across the nation.

“In addition to a partnership with PEA, MG also collaborates with government agencies, state enterprises, and private sector to ensure confidence of customers including a partnership with Energy Absolute Plc. on installing chargers at 110 authorized distributors of MG and an MoU with MEA to run campaigns on fundamental of EVs in Bangkok and vicinity area. At present, interested customers do not have to hesitate to own NEW MG ZS EV as we offer a free MG HOME CHARGER with installation fee exemption as well as an 8-year unlimited mileage battery warranty. This special deal starts now until the end of September,” concludes Mr. Pongsak.

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